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This has happened to me before and if I remember correctly all you have to do is to open and save the particular ".cmb" file in your scenario editor and it will show up in your "battles" directory within CM.

Make sure to save the scenario to the correct file.

Rebulding your desktop (if on a mac) may help also.

I hope this helps.


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Originally posted by funnyman:

Ive just downloaded the scanario pack from Combat Mission HQ and it doesnt work.Can someone help me! confused.gif

The big scenario pack is a zipped file which consists of 200 scenario files which are THEMSELVES zipped, individually. After DL the scenario pack, unzip the pack into a temporary folder. Then unzip each of the 200 scenarios into your "scenario" folder in CMBO. Some programs allow you to select all the individual scenarios and will unzip them in one operation. Others, you'll just have to take the time to unzip each one individually.

Good Luck All!!!


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Originally posted by printt:

Exactly where might I find this scenario cache?

The default location after installation of CM, is in C:\program files\CMBO\scenarios

Just look in the directory under the above path for a folder that has the name on it, literally, "scenarios".

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