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I have CMBB is it worth getting CMBO?

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CMBO was revolutionary when it first came out. CMBB is a vast improvement on CMBO in gameplay, realism and graphics. I think you might be disappointed if you bought CMBO after playing CMBB. So, in short, no. ;) Unless you really want the Western Front expirience, then by all means buy it. CMBO is the only computer game that does a good job of recreating the Western Front as realistically as possibly. I loved CMBO when it came out and I love CMBB even more. Thats my two cents worth.

The other Matt

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I'd also say get CMBO, too. I bought the bundle about a month ago and started with BO and I'm just now easing my way into BB.

CMBO has several things going for it:

1. Looks great after it's modded.

2. Teaches about CM world modding

3. Western front

4. Teaches you the CM system

5. It's fun!

Just a few reasons...have fun!


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I'm still eagerly playing both games. I'm guessing CMBO is a bit easier to learn (but you have to unlearn some of it to play CMBB effectively.) All in all, I'd buy it if you think you might want it. Some reasons beyond those already cited:

1. It was a landmark in the history of wargames...if you don't buy it you're missing out on experiencing that landmark.

2. It's the best wargame ever designed for the western front (ok, a point already made but in slightly different form.)

3. Fighting Shermans vs. Panthers is a fascinating challenge.

4. The US artillery model--fast, accurate, plentiful. VT arty is a trip in itself.

5. The Brits have some cool tanks.

6. Canadians and Poles.

7. Refight the Battle of the Bulge--or any of your other favorite West Front battles.

8. Millions of scenarios at the Scenario Depot. CMBB won't be there in terms of scenario offerings for quite some time yet.

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