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tcp/ip multiplayer crash

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Is it really the computer crashing? There is a known problem, related to captured units that can affect TCP/IP play. It is often called the "ping of death".

You can try to see if you can continue the battle with a PBEM exchange. Doing that for one turn is reported to sometimes be sufficient to clear up the problem.

If it is actually a computer and not just a program crash, then I'm at a loss for an explanation.

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This happens only with CMBO. CMAK & CMBB should no longer have this particular "captured crew bug".

As tar said, exchanging PBEM files for a turn or so should clear this up. However the autosave file that you start the PBEM will have to come from the receiving player's computer on the turn that crashed. That'll mean that the last turn plotted, will have to be re-plotted. If a crew gets captured in TCP/IP, the 'crash' will happen again and you'll need to resort to PBEM to get past that turn.

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The crash actually happens on the "receiving" computer when it comes to the "captured crew bug". The generating computer doesn't see a problem, but the receiving player sees the crash during the turn download. So this bug shouldn't occur for the "generating" player after hitting GO.

I'm not aware of any other particular, consistently repeatable bug, in CMBO when it comes to TCP/IP games. There shouldn't be anything special about reaching the "half-way point" in a game.

Do you have an instant messaging client running in the background while you're playing CMBO ? If so, you may have to close it down. When you're hitting GO on the generating computer it is busy calculating the turn, which keeps the CPU heavily occupied. If something somehow interferes during this process it is possible that it may crash CMBO (or the other CM games for that matter).

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This bug is still happening, and happens with CMBO, CMBB and CMAK. It's so frequent and consistent it's stopped me and my brother from playing any of them any more, just as it stopped me and a friend years ago with CMBO.

It's inexscuseable that it hasn't been fixed. I've lost count of the number of battles we've had trashed by this bug, after considerable numbers of hours devoted to each. No game can be played, never mind enjoyed, under such circumstances.

But there'll be absolutely no reply to this, or my other post, from the BF staff. They continue to enjoy the money from current sales, knowing full well they are selling a mal-functional piece of software. That, as far as I'm concerned, amounts to nothing less than deliberate fraud, and shows a remarkable level of contempt for their customers.

When I think of the amount of support I gave this game when it was first released as a freebie, god only knows how many years ago, I'm doubly angered. Good money thrown down the toilet...both me and my brother have bought all three, myself having bought one of them twice. Put my stupidity down to a hazy memory, and badly mis-placed faith that the bug would have been sorted long ago by a company with some integrity.

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