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iBook problem!

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1. Motherboard: iBook G3 800hz

2. CPU: iBook G3 800hz

3. Video Card: Standard OEM 32 MB

4. Operating System: OS 9.2.2

5. RAM: 384MB

I can play CMBB for several turns, then it locks up.

The mouse moves, but everything else is disabled and frozen. The only way to recover is the power shut off.

I have re-installed the system software (twice). I tried the video drivers, but they crashed the whole system. I've rebuilt the desktop, run disk first aid, all to no avail.

PLEASE HELP...I enjoy this game immensely. But I'm tired of the crashing.

Any advice would be welcome.

Siegenfaust :D

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Have you any other applications running at the same time in the background?

Quit 'em

Have you tried increasing the memory allocated to CMBB?

Increase from the suggested size - I run a prefered size of 200896k

Have you virtual memory on?

By default on - switch off as you've got plenty of the real stuff

What type of graphics card are you running ATI or Nvidia?

The ones installed with a fresh system install should be fine but there are problems with certain ATI drivers on high end cards.

Do you have any/lots off extra extensions control panels that maybe conflicting?

Are you fully patched?

What mouse are you using? Apple or 3rd party? After 2 G4 mices subtly breaking where the cable comes out of the mouse I've now got a Swann one and no problems

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Does your laptop feel hot (the underside) when it locks up ? Though this isn't something you want to do long term... remove the battery and run strictly on AC power for awhile to see if that makes any sort of difference for your problem.

As Wicky pointed out, make sure you have nothing else running in the background and try to minimize the number of extensions loading up. Also make sure that you aren't loading up the NVidia extensions. They really shouldn't remain resident when there isn't any NVidia hardware present (your laptop has an ATI Rage 128, I believe), but they could potentially cause some sort of problem.

Definetly go with Wicky's suggestions on memory partition (allocated memory) and virtual memory. Though I would have expected a system error if it was only a memory configuration problem, it may still make a difference.

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