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Mac -to-PC PBEM help por favor...

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Im in a PBEM game with a chap who runs a Mac, and we're having problems with compatibility ... maybe? I dont know how I got the first setup turn to work, I just copied the text straight from my E-mail to notepad to CM. But the next turn was so big that I couldnt transfer the data by cut-n-paste, and so I asked him to zip it, or compress it somehow, and send that, which he kindly and promptly did. Now that doesnt work either, I open the attachment from current location, and it then gives me a warning saying ' Warning, this is a .bin file, are you sure you want to open? I say OK, then asks open with what? I dont know what programs read .bin files, so I try open with notepad. Pretext to the PBEM code says somthing about Apple Computers, so I load it in CM, nothing. I delete the Apple stuff, leaving bare code, nothing. Is there a compression format stable (and free) that is compatible?

Thanks in advance. :D

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