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  1. Wow. Now thats what I call dedication! Thanks Marco, you da man.
  2. Yeah, a few bitter peeps shouldnt ruin CMMOS goodness for the rest of us! What ever happened to Tiger anyways? Ive read people refer to him as 'leaving' and apparently in a huff, from what Ive gathered. So what gives, did someone diss on his...ahem...early mods?
  3. Dear Section Four, I have sent all files out, and am awaiting (patiently) replies. If for some reason, you did not get a turn from me, please let me know. Believe me, you have nothing to fear, ask Strider, he is busy rolling up my green troops and smoking them like a huge...well, you get the idea.
  4. Sgt. Kelly, I seem to be having trouble with your Email addy. I keep sending it, and it keeps getting returned, have you gotten turn 2 by chance?
  5. Man, they better have this thing in CMBB ! I think the Russians nicknamed this 'Stalin's Extention', IIRC.
  6. Ooooh-Tay! Mr. ciks and Mr. Sgt.Kelly, Im ready for the setups whenever you are. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Scheer and Mr. Strider, your setups are (hopefully) in your inboxes. Nabla, how much crack were you smoking when you designed these scenarios!?!?! * Dogface looks at VLs on map, then at availible units, face blanches* I geuss this is just going to prove that 'Less is more.' Ok, G'night....
  7. Well Ive just returned home after a loud and alchohol tainted evening at a show here in Seattle. 'Evangeline' was in top form, and I never quite got up the nerve to ask that beutifull chick to dance, but what the hell! Im in the NWT TOURNEY!!! WHOOOOHOOOO! No hard feelings to ol' section 3 (YET......... MuHAHAHA!)Everyone who's anyone knows that Section 4 is where the truly cool people hang out anyways, so...so...THERE! I am honored to take my place here at the NWT, and look forward to slugging it out with the venerable Section 4. I will do my best to get caught up ASAP.
  8. Drag me wherever, I won't have time to notice. I've got some fast and furious PBEMing to do.* * I have'nt been confirmed yet, but I hope so!
  9. 'Hallo Swift In my very first post I brought the same thing up, and it turned into a long debate that was, at the time, over my head. Search my member number and you will see the post. You can also search under 'LOS tool' and get alot of your answers there. I agree that somehing like that would be nice as an 'optional' thing, but some folks, like my fellow Dogface like to do it Ol Skool. The main argument you will soon hear is:The increased load on old and rickety CPUs. I say buck up and get a new system, but thats not always po$$ible.
  10. 'Allo I just was wondering how the site was coming. I am content to wait for however long and all, just curios.
  11. I was thinking this same thing a while ago, but I couldnt find the TRP file #. What # is it? Man the possibilities are endless of what you could mod that with. When & where will it be available? Very cool! [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Dogface21 ]</p>
  12. Holy shiite!( like the Islamic sect, seriously) That is one of the FUNNIEST posts I have ever read! I was making this loud braying sound, like a choking moose, while I tried to focus my eyes on the next line. Damn fine work. Oh, I'd like to jump in if possible! Edited because this was originaly meant to respond to the Jerry Springer Spoof. Due to my ineptness I failed to notice it was on the end of the first page, not the third page. But what an opertune time to pull a Munson! [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Dogface21 ]</p>
  13. Coach leans over. " Awright kid, get in there an' show em' what-for." Dogface21 lifts his bench-warming ass up, stretches and jogs over to the man. " OK coach, Im ready." Im ready!
  14. You've helped me a couple of times, thank you for your vigilence and good advice.
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