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Gamma adjustment

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I turned up the gamma a bit in CMBB (version 1.01) as one of my battles was a bit dark (overast, dawn, and a bright day in real life).

Now it seems that each time I have run CMBB I have very washed out colors (high brightness) on my monitor, even though my monitor has it's brightness centred. In fact i have to turn the brightness almost totally down to get the color back.

Of course this makes the screen rather dark after restarting the comp. Could it be that CMBB doesn't reset a gamma adjustment in-game when it quits?

I have a GeForce4 Ti (128 MB), running an old 29.81 driver (because XP really wants to load that ms driver, with the same version number but without the control panel each time when I try to update it to a more recent driver).


addition: I just played around with the advanced settings (for the graphics card). If I click on color (where you can set the color temp, and define user specific definitions, which is the default setting for me) it jumps back to the original/not washed out color to. So it seems to me that for some reason when exiting CMBB the saturation isn't put back to the proper setting. Don't know if this is a CMBB problem, a monitor problem, a driver problem or somebody else fault smile.gif .

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I'm not really discerning a change in my desktop gamma when CM's gamma is adjusted (lowest and highest). I don't believe that CM should permanently change the desktop gamma.

My experience is with a GeForce 3 with the 30.87 drivers under Win2K. It's possible that there might be some gamma problems with GeForce 4's, WinXP and other driver versions.

Usually the gamma that CM applies should only apply to CM. Since CM doesn't change its gamma with any adjustments to the desktop's gamma (which I guess should/could affect DirectX-based game's gamma values). Changes to the monitor should be universal to all applications (white point, color temp, RGB values, brightness & contrast, etc.).

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