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Hrrm...my first vehicle mod - winter SPW's!

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Yes, that´s about it. Thanks to Andrew TF for letting me paint on his fine halftracks. ;)

I have tried to capture that worn down and muddy winter look on these vehicles. I don´t know if I have passed the test, so feel free to critisize my work and make suggestions for the future.

Oh, and by the way, you can get them at the usual place.


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" I played an ardennes bulge battle, light snow, with uncle tgt's ltsnogreen, the spw's fit right in with the sloppy snow terrain ".

I'm glad to hear that, since Battle of the Bulge was the kind of environment I had in mind.

I was planning to do the rest of the 251 series and the 250's eventually. We´ll see if time permits it. ;)

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I think that Tom K.'s light snow/dotted tree bases/snow roads from his CMBO bulge mod pack give the best look for the ardennes in CMAK. uncle tgt's ltsnow mods seem to give too much contrast imho.

As far as I know the .bmp numbering is the same for the snow, tree bases and roads from CMBO to CMAK. I think junk2drive can confirm this.

Now if we could just get panzertruppen's building mods converted to CMAK with the damage .bmp's...

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the tbm ardennes mod bits i put at cmmods are numbered for snow, deep snow. uncle tgt's are numbered for light snow. you can of course renumber the tbm to light snow numbers. tbm is more green, early winter, uncles is more brown, mid to late winter or muddy, imo.

cmbo terrain sometimes stretches funny in bb and ak, but is acceptable most of the time. the treebases in tbm showed as little squares of grey and black in ak. the plowed field as brush looks good though. the roads i didnt try yet.

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Gurra--Great job!

I am presently using these GOOD-LOOKING mods in the Desobry Op (from Boots and tracks). Welcome to the Mod Squad. I look forward to any similar themed mods you have in mind. Wicky did a great job with the Allied winter vehicles but now we need someone to complete the Germans. Panthers, Tigers, and so on.

Uh, no, I can't do these myself--no talent and limited computer skills prevent this. :(

Please keep 'em coming!

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