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T19 ammo loadout

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Thanks, Rabidbvr. That's a great link!

Perfectly answers my question. Lots of interesting stuff. Bookmarked it at once smile.gif

Originally posted by Michael Emrys:

Could be that there wasn't much room inside that halftrack after they put the howitzer and the crew in there.

This 105mm must've been a real monster to make that much of a difference between the T30 and the T19. Or maybe they should've used smaller crewman - there should have been a sign on each of these vehicles like "Service personnel must not exceed 5'4''." :D

Now if only there was an ammo truck in the game... ;)

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There's quite a difference in size between the complete 105 round and the 75. You can pack a lot more 75's in there, even for a halftrack. Another reason to limit the T19's load was the fact that the halftrack chassis was overloaded with the howitzer itself and didn't have much reserve capacity for ammo, which is pretty heavy in and of itself. The M7 was a whole different story, being built on the M3 tank chassis.

All in all, these halftrack conversions were not considered very successful and were stopgap solutions in any case. Only the M3 GMC with the 75mm was relatively long-lived, being used as a second-line support weapon in other theaters than Europe. Happily, the halftrack AA variants, in particular the ones with the Maxon 50 cal turret, did very well. The turret and ammo was a better match for the halftrack's load carrying capacity.

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Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

And who, then, would be lifting the shells into the breach, that being the case.... :confused: tongue.gif

Hmm, good question.

Maybe by climbing on each other's shoulders? Or they could use tiny ladders - no that would require too much space. Then it's the shoulder-climbing, definitely. ;)

gunnergoz: thanks for the info , I always forget about the weight of these guns - must've been like a piano transport by bike. :D

Rabidbvr: And thanks again for the links. smile.gif

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