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Originally posted by junk2drive:

I was a little confused. I think I got it now.

You did for the IVs what Heinzbaby did for the BB IIIs. Correct?

A lot of work for you so a big thanks.


- Correct, and Sorry for my bad explanation at this Forum, I thought at cmmods the mod description was clear ! Not ?(sometimes my english is poor)

- A lot of work ? Not really, the most work was done by MikeyD ! Only one thing, the Wirblewind running gear appear not perfect 'cause I've many difficulties to fit with the polygon.


;) Pat

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Originally posted by junk2drive:

Not your English, my bad thinking.

I had it stuck in my head that HB did the IVs not the IIIs.

When MickyD finishes all the PZs we won't need these anymore, correct?

-First, you're right HB did well the IIIs not IVs, 'cause I just do it.

-Second, I hope so MikeyD doesn't be discouraged to doing the PIVs remaining, 'cause there are still a lot of things to be done. :D



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