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Different way of buying units in CMX2?

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right now there are two ways of getting units in quickbattles, human or automatic

maybe a compromise?

instead of having 10 different battalions, perhaps just having "rifle battalion" with a random selection, maybe even different companies and different platoons ( like a sturm platoon, entirely armed with STG-44 )

but the greatest implementation would have to be armored vehicles. Right now we have so many in CMBB, that many people never use them. perhaps "light tank platoon" "heavy tank platoon" "heavy tank company" etc

"light AA battery"

"heavy ATG platoon"

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It would be nice to obtain proper supporting units - say, a German anti-tank battery complete with headquarters and light machine guns, or a US tank destroyer platoon with scouts and command cars, or a British machine-gun platoon with its organic carriers.

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One purchasing option could also be if players could limit which units are available for purchasing. Then one could guarantee that for example tanks will be chosen from Pz4 models and the other side could only choose Shermans. Or in an attack battle the attacker couldn't buy arty beyond some caliber while the defender wouldn't be able to buy mines or any armour.

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