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Battle Report on a CMAK game

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Nicely done!

The RoW IV tourney participants might need your help in sprucing up their AAR's (with your help maybe?) for the upcoming tournament sign-on on 1 Feb. 2004.


Charl Theron



Wine donations send to the following for their contributions to CM:


  • Staff @ Battlefront.com</font>
  • Fuerte for his PBEM HELPER</font>
  • Manx (He used to run the “sexiest CMBO modsite on the net”)</font>
  • Boots & Tracks (RoW tournament scenarios)</font>
  • Andrew Fox (modding art)</font>
  • Keith Miller @ Scenario Depot</font>
  • Gordon Molek for his CMMOS utility</font>

Sponsor of the following Combat Mission tournaments:


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The pictures were pretty cool and I liked the animated gifs. You put some serious effort in that one. The text wasnt the best possible but good anyways.

I'd like to see a bigger picture of the battlefield though so you can get a better view of the terrain. Also a picture in the end that would show the main points of battle and the advance routes of all troops (enemy and ally). These routes should only be rough like in your initial plan picture.

Oh and the picture of your setup (like you had) could do for the view of the battlefield if it was just bigger. Maybe a link from the small picture.

The picture showing the aftermath would probably be best from the bird-eye view.

Would rate it around 8 or 9...

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