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Good site for WWII Italian music


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Not having looked at the site (I am at work) I nonetheless feel obligated to smile at those people who may think for some reason that soldiers sit around all day listening to marching music. Troops in any army listened to popular stuff for enjoyment; for example Lili Marlene was not military band music, nor was it a march, but the troops in the desert (and other theatres) liked it.

The Germans had lots of famous marches - Badenweiler Marsch, Radetzky Marsch, Kaiserjaeger Marsch, etc. But the troops in the field listened to and sang embarrassingly trite (to us) songs like Erika (the song compares a soldier's bride to the lovely flowers blooming on the heath and how 100,000 bumblebees swarm passionately around, etc. etc.)

The Allied examples would be great marches such as Colonel Bogey, National Emblem, Star Spangled Banner etc. - but troops in the field would never have listened to them, they would have listened to Vera Lynn, Edith Piaf, etc. for enjoyment, or all the other forms of music - country/western (Pistol Packin' Mama), swing, big band (Little Brown Jug...) et al.

I really liked the Italian music in Play Dirty (as the commandos are pulling in to the oasis with the Bedouins - can anyone name, or even better, find me an MP3, with that bit of musical fluff?)

If Mussoline smelled half as pretty as he looked, I am sure the perfume will be quite popular.

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Mussolini was an inveterate womanizer who probably had thousands of gals during his heyday...no exaggeration. I doubt, however, that his perfume had much to do with it. He was said to be charismatic and celebrity has its own erotic pull for some people, so the combination likely worked for him. His affairs were well known to fascist insiders but were kept from his wife and family. When he hooked up with Claretta Petacci, he supposedly settled down a lot, but in part it may have been due to the fact that she knew him very well and wouldn't let him out of her sight if she could help it. I hear he'd sneak out on occasion and thwart his lover's efforts to keep him from all those waiting and as-yet-unsampled ladies.

I'll pass on the perfume, thank you, but it goes to show that almost anything will sell...

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