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**ALL Your U.S. Shermans are Now modded!!**

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Is it just the M4A1 75 mid that's giving you problems?

Try downloading again. Maybe with the high traffic volume something didn't transfer right in the first attempt. If you stilll have trouble I'll rezip, and repost the mod in the hope that the problem will fix itself.

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Figured it out. What had me going is that there are two BMP's for the upper hull! A right side and a left. None o'dat kinda thing with the German Stuff! So when I viewed the tanks on screen the initial camera angle showed no star so I assumed the other side would be the same.



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Originally posted by MikeyD:

A small update on prospective Brit Sherman mods:

HOLY CRAP! There a LOT of British Shermans! And their polygons match-up with precious few American models to boot! It looks like doing Sherman mods may turn into a loooong 2nd job! :eek: :(

Yup, they used just about as many models as their American friends. There are some extra files on the CW stuff because they have, well extra parts in some cases.
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I finally figured out my problem or oversight.

In the zip is the first bmp version with no path, the second version with a path of decals and if there is a third version it is ALT_xxxxx with a path of decals.

I wasn't seeing the second sets.

I unzip the first versions in a folder, and the rest in a decals folder. Of course I could send the alts to a third folder.

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