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Any free Divison level games out there?

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Try Panzer Campaigns Tobruk 1941(not free).

Sgt. Bilko posted this a few weeks ago:

Here are some thoughts about using the John Tillers Panzer Campaigns (JTPC) series as a strategic layer for Combat Mission (CM).

JTPC contains a scenario editor that allows you to create any battles related to the particular theatre it represents,so with this tool the JTPC game can always be updated to reflect the results of any CM battles that are fought using it.

There are a few ways CM could be integrated into JTPC but the simplest way is:

Have a Games Master who owns JTPC ( Tobruk 41 ) for example.

At least two opposing players.

The GM chooses a scenario to play then sends to each player a screenshot of the map,briefing,unit locations,victory objectives,OOB and any parameter data files pertaining to JTPC.

The players come up with orders which they represent diagramatically on the map screenshot and any other information the players think necassary to communicate their intentions.

This is then sent to the GM who inputs the data into a hot seat game in JTPC.

Once the moves have been done the GM sends a screenshot of the map with the new positions on.

If a contact is made a CM battle may take place with the GM building the map.

Once the battle has been resolved the losses sustained by the forces must be transferred back into the JTPC game.

This is done in the scenario editor by making a replica of the map with the new positions ,updated time,and modified fought units added.

The game then proceeds using the updated JTPC game until the next contact...etc.

Having a GM will allow all sorts of additional rules for communication FOW, team play, intel gathering ....etc.

Tillers games cover other theatres that could be used with CMBB and CMBO.

Here is a link to John Tillers Games site for an overview of Tobruk 41


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Originally posted by Peterk:

But, how would you override TOAW's battle result with teh one from CM?

Great game by the way. I just bought it myself 2 weeks ago.

One can use TOAW as keeping record what happens generally and unit strength, by not playing the turns in game, but just changing the positions and strengths with editor according to CM results. Since TOAW will have comfy unit size of companies, for example, that'd fit just fine into scale of CM.



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Yes, but then you lose all of TOAW's realistic rules for movement and other stuff, so you might as well just be using cardboard on a paper-map with your own system.

This request is coming up so often, it's just begging for such a program written specifically with CM in mind.

BTW, I am working on something sort of similar but I don't think it'll ever be as flexible as TOAW in terms of ease of setting up a simple scenario.

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