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CMAK PBEM File Meant for Different Edition


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File sent to me of CMAK from KR in Australia is refusing to load up on my American Version of CMAK.

I believe KR has American version as he lives in Australia.

He swears he has created game file on CMAK. (I can not load it onto any of the other games.)

Has anyone had this issue of incompatible CMAK PBEM files?

I can send his file to anyone to see if they can load it up.

It fails before Password prompt so if you can load it to that stage then it might be my copy of CMAK to fault?

However, I am in the midst of other CMAK games (PBEM) with no problems, even vs other CDV versions of the game.

Any help gratefully receieved.


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No compression whatsoever.

File sent to your Hotmail Address.

Very odd as the first time it happened I asked him to double check and he has and re did his turn.

So not sure what is happening. A scenario by Combined Arms, a dodgy designer if ever there was one.



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The file is far too small. It is the most basic header (which is probably corrupt and that's why you're getting the 'wrong version' message) and all of the data is missing. 227 bytes is much too small for a PBEM file in CM. A 300 point QB with less than 10 individual units on a small map generated a file of 3.86Kb in a quick test I did.

Your opponent must be doing something wrong or there is something funky about his software environment. The file wouldn't open up with either v. 1.0 or any 'beta' version. I'm not aware of any PBEM problems with the BFC or CDV releases (the TCP/IP problem with the CDV version is another matter to my knowledge).

You may want to have your opponent perform a file system check and make sure that all programs in the background are closed down when he creates his PBEM file. He may want to use compression in the future, though I can't see what happened to his file other than a lot of data is missing.

If you have the scenario yourself, you may want to create an initial PBEM file yourself (using the side you previously chose to avoid any spoilers) and see how large it is or if the problem somehow reproduces itself.

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