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*** McMMM V4 Released *** (production)

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I have just uploaded McMMM V4.30 to CMMods.

This is the production release of the version I announced last weekend.

Over 100 people have downloaded it, and no complaints, so it should be OK.

New features:


  • ** Mod Sets **: The ability to quickly define a group of mods that should be installed or uninstalled together

    • </font>
  • Mod Junkies: now you can easily swap from your "Normandy" set to your "Vietnam" set.</font>
  • Scenario Designers: now you can easily tell players what Mods go really well with your scenario</font>
  • (extra drumroll) Automatic download of mods you don't have.

    Yes - if the scenario designer has been kind enough to record the URL of the Mods in his Mod set, then McMMM will (if you want it to to) automatically download the Mods you don't have. No more searching through CMMODs with your browser!</font>

[*]Revamped documentation, including screenshots </font>

V4.30 has a couple of small niceties added, as requested by Allan Wotherspoon:

- There's an option to list all the ZIPs you have in your Mod directory for a given game.

- The "Extract Files" button presents a "Save As" dialog, so you can choose what directory to put the extract files in.

"Do I need to download this if I got V4.21/4.22?"

No, I think that unless the two items above really call you, 4.21/22 is just as good as 4.30.

However, if you were one of the fast people who tried out 4.20 (thanks!!) you might want the extra "remember password" feature that 21/22 and 30 have.



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Thanks for the evolution.

Two Questions for the people:

Any ideas as to where people should upload .mcs files for sharing?

Where to draw the line on what to include in a .mcs?

As an example. Hans' Small Battle, Block at El-Arish, 1956. The battle and mods have been out for a while. I could make a mcs for people. Simple set would be, Arab as Allies flag pack, Tan Sherman III.

But for someone that has never done a mod, I would suggest: Gurra's arid ground, Gautrek's craters, dusty series, Andrew's uniforms, Ed's water, Tom's and SDog's roads, etc. That .mcs could be an all day download session.

Or is retro .mcs making a waste of time?

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I think that if there's somewhere to find the Mods Set Descriptions, "retro making" is not a waste of time at all. Especially for more general "location" style sets. Larry said "I can move from Italy to Normandy in a click". I'd like to be able to do that too, so I need Larry's file.

Although a complete MCS would be a big download, you are able to review and tick the ones you want, so you can limit that somewhat.

COG has already made a place a CMMODs for Mod Set description files: you can submit a "Mod" of category "Mod Set" (by selecting country "all").

BUT ... things loaded up to CMMODs have to be ZIP files.

Do people mind unzipping to get their MCS file from CMMODS, or should McMMMM do that?

If McMMM does that, then how do you tell the difference between a "Mod Set Zip" and a "Mod"?


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Yes these features are very easy to use.

The only thing I would ask is that all modders include a picture and explanation text in with their mods. (ie the same as what is included in the description and screen shot at cmmods)

In the past I have often copied the text and screen shots to include with the mods for future reference. Too many mods have nothing but the .bmp's in the zip file.

Cheers MarkL

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