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Just a note for those interested:

After many months of CMBB, I find that CMAK's "hidden" unit status line doesn't stand out enough for me. I also think the "rattled" dot in CMAK (being square) is too easy to miss.

After days of work with photoshop and AutoCAD, as well as numerous consultations of original Wermacht and Stavka design plans, I have developed a solution: replace the CMAK .bmps with the ones from CMBB.

It works better for me, anyway. The relevant .bmp files are 1050 and 1078.

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Wow. Last time someone accused me of that, they ended up with egg on their face, 'cause the manual did not say what they said it said.

I nearly challenged you to point to where this was docmented, feeling confident I'd never seen it in the Manual.

However, it is indeed there - in words, though not pictured.

Funnily enough, when playing CMBB the round red light has been so obviously a warning about the unit that I haven't given it a thought.

In CMAK is so not-obviously a warning and so glitch-like that I've just thought "ugh - I'll have to deal with that one day" !!

Well I'll be danged!

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