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Here's some more info on the one you posted, called the Diana.


The top vehicle in this thread is the rare (two produced as combat AFVs) Bussing-NAG BN 10 (H). Front and sides had 20mm of armor; rear and belly had 8mm. Gun was an L/40.8 with an MV of 665 m/sec. Those interested in this and other other special German TDs need to find JOURNAL: Military Panorama No.1 by Feist Publications and read "Special Tank Destroyers of the Wehrmacht 1934 to 1944" by the renowned Walter J. Spielberger.

The AC appears to be a Marmon-Harrington, captured and described here. Fair Use (brief excerpt)

Original Designation: Marmon-Herrington

Original Role: armored car

German Designation: Panzerspahwagen ---(e)


Note: Some were mounted with Italian 20 or 47mm Breda guns or German 37mm PaK guns.

Main list is here


The last pic in the main batch looks like stripped Lancia trucks converted to carry 2 cm flak.

The tiny pic appears to be an SdKfz 232 with a field expedient Pak 38 mount.


Incredible site! Has more info on the Sahariana and its ops alone than I've ever seen anywhere. BTW, a model of it is now available, with several armament options.


John Kettler

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