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Hello & here are my problems

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Hi I’ve been playing CM for a few months now & have found it to be addictive to a quite worrying degree & ithink I can safely say that I don’t think I’ll ever play steel panthers again!

I have been browsing through the comments in this forum for a few weeks now & after playing quite a few scenarios from the depot I have been making my own selection.

Several will fall into the ‘fun’ category; many scenarios’s following the actions of Henry Matelsson a soldier of the 22nd panzer who wrote a book called “through hell for Hitler”.

Other will be ‘realistic’ & be more of the ‘long periods of boredom & then a rush of action’ variety; they will try to show the attritional nature of practically any military operation. As such they require very long time limits so players are not under unrealistic time constraints.

I have encountered however a few problems the CM manual says that 120 turn battles are possible however I can only get 60.

I will admit that this is not too much of a problem, as I’ve set up the scenarios as operations instead.

The other problem concerns briefings after I have loaded the three word files when I then go to open my scenario all I get is ‘gobbledegook’.

Do the briefings have to be in a certain format?

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120 turns is for scenarios only, Ops still have a 60 turns per battle max.

Briefings need to be in plain text, not Word format. To go from word to plain text, just choose save as then choose plain text from the drop down list of filetypes. I suggest using the format one sees in the CD scenarios as that is a kind of de-facto standard for briefings.


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