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The epic battle of Cholm

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I've just posted a map at the Scenario Depot that might be of interest - its based on the siege of Cholm during the winter of 1941 - 42.

Its been thoroughly researched and I think it looks pretty good, having taken me 6 months to complete.

There will be further additions to it, namely separate scenarios using smaller sections but I hope it captures a devastated Russian town. Let me know what you think.


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Thanks for that Mercury, i wonder if someone will create a full scenario/Op from that ?

I would thoroughly recommend the book 'Seige' to get people in the mood for this epic 'pocket battle'. Its a novel based on the true facts in relation to the 100-day siege of Cholm and the garrison that held out against overwhelming odds.

Survivors were awarded a bronze shield in recognition of their achievements.

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I've searched extensively and found very little detail, the best site I've found is: www.history.jp/wehrmacht/014.htm

This even has a copy of the sketch map by Scherer, there is also www.geocities.com/Pentagon/5353/engage.htm

which has a fairly detailed account but there are no maps or pix.

There is another very good book too but its name escapes me just now, however, I managed to get a copy of it that was signed by the author who fought at Cholm!

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Interesting map. I have some questions.

Why is the GPU building rubbled? It seems to have been one of the few intact buildings during the siege.

Also, it seems that Sherer had his HQ in the GPU building, so what is the other building.

My only source is the semi-fictional Siege, so I may not have all of the facts.

BTW - The surrounded nature of the setup zones isn't going to work in an op. The computer will draw a straight front line across the map after the first battle. That does not make the map un-useable, but players will have to draw their own front lines (editing the map) to actually use it in a CM game.

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