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Wind Effects

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What exactly effects does wind have on a battle? The environment section has no data on this.

The manual makes no mention of wind. I tried a quick test. I made two small islands 1000M apart – so there would be no retreating. Placed 5 PzIIIJ (late) on both, captured for the Russkies.

One battle was clam the other with the strongest crosswind from North. Both battles were over in 5 turns, with all the USSR tanks abandoned. I'm sure the difference was due to "owning" the tank type. However, in the calm battle the Hun lost 0 in the windy conditions they lost 2.

I’d bet this test was not fully scientific.

I was thinking about a new test with mortars. I’m sure the much slower muzzle velocity rounds would drift in the high wind.

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It affects hit probabilities. Go to scenario editor, get two units, set wind as 'calm' and go to map editor and check what the LOS tool says as the hit %. Then go change it into windy, and check the hit % again. It should have changed. So, simply, when it gets windier, you have more misses, and you need to get closer to get sure hits. Breeze is same as calm.

Fires also spread faster when it's windy.

Wind direction doesn't seem to have any effect apart from graphics (and maybe the spread of fires).

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