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Why Cant I always give orders during PBEM

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Now then I am sure that this has been done to death but my searches turned up nothing. Anyone know why it is that during pbem games I am not able to place orders on Every turn? Something I am doing wrong or is it just a bug?

any help would be apreciated

(i had a wickded anti armor ambush that my opponent fell for like a ton of bricks! problem was i couldn't order my assault teams and AT guns ot stop hiding and had to tear out my hair as i watched for tanks rumble by and out of my kill zone!) :mad: :mad: :mad:

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I ran into a problem today where I wasn't able to give orders on a turn. We were playing via TCP/IP and it was getting late so we decided to take it to e-mails. We watched the movie on TCP/IP and then my opponent saved the game. I didn't give any orders and didn't hit the done button. When he logged out the game shut down. When he sent me the e-mail file it was the movie for the next turn! I never got the chance to give any orders. I'm wondering if this is something anyone else has ever seen. Is this a bug? I'd definitely think twice before converting a TCP/IP game to PBEM again!

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