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  1. You're kidding me. Damn, I had no life. (not meaning to imply that this board isn't a life)
  2. But what about red on red! Like Speedy said. And besides, even in blue on red it would be great to see them turned into toast. There are so many possibilities for great gameplay for scenarios within the lighter infantry category. Red on red will probably be more fun than having a bunch of guys hunkered down waiting for the airstrike to come in. Seriously, AS A GAME, people can have a lot of fun with mobile infantry operations between relatively balanced forces in urban areas. Technicals are perfect support there. btw those guys on the technical in the first pic should really wear seatbelts. Looks dangerous [ March 31, 2007, 12:15 AM: Message edited by: CMplayer ]
  3. Is that just because you guys say everything backwards in France? Seriously tho thanks for the info, and thanks too to Redwolf. As you all said, I guess the chip is okay but the video card will probably be too sucky.
  4. how about a minimac 1.66ghz intel duo core ? Will that do it? anyone care to venture a guess? (I found this thread by using the "search" function. This "search" function enables us to find information without asking the same question for the umpteenth time. I was going to ask in the "peng ladder thread", but they're so grumpy. Anywat seeing as the "search" function gave me no answers, here I am)
  5. Okay, good point then. In any event the only way to marry squad level gaming with company or battalion sized battles without some degree of borg effect would be to go multiplayer. Higher level commanders would play one game, on a more abstracted map with FOW, issue orders to lower level commanders who would implement the orders on a more detailed map. This structure could be repeated on several levels.
  6. TacOps isn't boring, in fact it can be fun as hell, and it's full of Fulda Gap type scenarios. So I don't see any reason to take for granted that a period CM would be boring.
  7. Since when was anyone still labouring under the delusion that the player in CM is supposed to be identified with the highest ranking local "combat leader"? It's been thoroughly demonstrated in this forum that the player takes on a variety of roles when issuing commands. In particular, in the case of vehicles, he is often issuing orders at the level of the vehicle commander and even the driver. Similarly the orders given to squads are often at the level of the squad leader, not anything coming from the company or battalion commander.
  8. It can be modelled, but can it be gamed in a useful (and fun) way at the CM scale? I like Major H's comment somewhere in the TacOps documentation, when he explained why he left nukes and chemical weapons out of the game. It was something like "If one side has them, they win. If both sides have them, flip a coin".
  9. So you leave all these variables open to the scenario designer, and you get an ideal toolkit for asking, and answering, these sorts of questions.
  10. If the vehicle is for scouting, the main drill is probably to slam it into reverse after a frontal contact, while firing the twin Vickers K's. So the positioning of the armor makes sense. They need to be more aware than the baddies and dominate the situation. Speed is their armor, and more armor on the vehicle would just slow them down.
  11. Here's the uparmoured one, at least according to this site. I misrembered; instead of a viewing slit, the driver has bulletproof glass above the steel plate. The only uparmouring appears to be forward. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/jeep_man/sasjeep.htm
  12. I could swear I saw a photo of an SAS armored jeep on one the sites someone linked to here. It was patrolling ahead of the front, i.e. behind German lines in Italy, iirc, and the armor consisted of an iron or steel plate attached to the windscreen. The driver had to look through a viewing slit.
  13. I thought it was CapitalistDogInChina.
  14. Yeah that's the one. It was also at night, despite the Vaagso fighting mostly being in the daytime. Still I noticed how you put your heart and soul into your stubborn defence, but finally fell to the awesome power of my twin Vickers K sporting jeeps (cleverly modelled by Stuarts).
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