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ATI GPU Cards=Death of CMBB

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The header says it all.

How ATI cards/onboard chipsets can continue to be shipped out on motherboards is beyond imagination.

Of course, CMSF will prove to be the death of Battlefront.com.

I couldn't drive fast enough to take it back to the store that I bought it from, if I had actually paid for it.

But a cleaning with Clorox bleach has removed the stench of it from my hard drive. :mad:

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Originally posted by Philippe:

I love people who are so self-involved that their communications make no sense whatsoever to anyone other than themselves.

This is the CMBB forum. If you have a gripe about CMSF, take it there.

Hahahaha! Yes! What a silly thread this one is. Is he suggesting he downloaded it illegally?
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