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  1. Thanks, I was overlooking the upgrade options, and I must have been dreaming about CW & MG.
  2. Certain I was playing the CW & MG modules last time I played, but I don't see them anywhere in my account. Assuming I'm not crazy (big assumption there), am I overlooking where they install from? Here's what I have in my order history. Is there anywhere else those keys would be? I haven't sifted through old saved emails yet; we used to receive activation codes by email, didn't we? CMBN upgrade 3 CMBN engine 1 CMBN vehicle pack CMFI Gustav Line CMFI Upgrade 3 CMFI engine 2 CMRT engine 3 While I'm at it, do I need the CMBN engine 4 upgrade?
  3. Thank you for the suggestion IanL, I will do just that right now. Cheers, Gus
  4. Before I waste anymore of my monthly bandwidth re-downloading this almost 10gb file...would somebody be so kind as to describe the ideal downloading proceedure. I've downloaded it twice now, only to have it fail at 99%. Using Firefox, and the direct Battlefront.com download link. should I be using a 3rd party download add-on / program to help recover a failed download? Should I try another link? Apologies for my frustrated tone, but this is highly abnormal for my connection to fail me like this. Kind Regards, Gus
  5. Came here a little late, just installed 2.01 and my PBEM games do not show up now. Is there anything I can do to retrieve those games? Thanks
  6. Broken down to cost per hour for entertainment, I'd say every CM game I've bought have been my wisest purchases to date! My favorite hobby is shooting, so excuse me if I scoff at the OP's complaint about hobby's costing too much money!
  7. Is this not an available feature in CM2? Playing CM:FI for the first time last night and I keep instinctive keep clicking units movement paths or waypoints in hopes of selecting them but it doesn't work. If this is not a CM2 feature, curious to know why?
  8. Streety, I think UltraMon is doing a big part of the work. It adds a couple tabs in shortcut properties, similar to compatiblility rules I think. I see where you are going in your last post, will poke around and see what settings I can find.
  9. Correction, my monitor supports 1600x1200. I just tried setting the monitor to that resolution, deleted the CMBB pref file and still don't get any option more than 1280x1024. Will keep playing with it. *EDIT* Hurrah! I got it to work. Should mention I am also using ULTRAMON to manage multiple displays, which I think is helping take control over CMBB in this case. Set monitor resolution to 1600x1200 in both desktop settings and in NVIDIA control panel. Set startup properties in CMBB shortcut to run maximized Set UltraMon display properties for CMBB to run 1600x1200 and maximized on Monitor 1 delete pref start CMBB and first resolution offered is 1600x1200 exit game, reset desktop to 1920x1080 start game to test, and after a little flicker, it launches at 1600x1200 exit game and find it has moved a few desktop icons that were not within Win 7 Fences (another amazing desktop application I might add) shifted to where they would be if desktop was at 1600x1200. To fix that I'll just have to make sure all shortcuts are assigned to a Fence, or just keep them in the middle of my display, or not worry about it.
  10. Believe me, I've googled this to death. Of course the 1024 is the limitation here for my 1080 monitor, should have realized that to being with! Maybe I've never run these games at a higher resolution, and just being away from them for so long I just forget how the game looks? Thanks for the reply.
  11. Hi guys, been away from CM1 for a long time, trying to get it up and running on my updated system. I've been trying in vain to use the search function on the BF forums, so new topic time. Win 7 64bit EVGA GTX 670 4gb 2x LCD displays, primary at 1920x1080, secondary at 1680x1050 Installed CMBB special addition, and it only offered me 1280x1024 resolution. If I'm correct, CMBB has a max resolution of 1600x1400, any ideas how to get that option? Moving on, once I select the 1280x1024 resolution I launched the game and it ran fine. Today, I star the game and first it opens on the second monitor, but I cannot click menu buttons with mouse. I can hover over them and the cursor interacts with the buttons (button changes in apperance slightly) but clicking gets no response. Close game, restart and this time it doesn't display anywhere. The game is running, theres an icon on my taskbar but I can't get the game to display. I've been messing around with compatibilty modes - windowed vs maximized - deleting pref files, all sorts of fun stuff, but to no avail. Thoughts?
  12. My box was broken too, but I don't care. It's the $90 CDN it took to get it to my door that hurt, but $16 of that was not BF's fault, unless you count their choice of shippng method and the resulting duty as a strike agaisnt them. I don't know what it would have taken to get it here duty free, I always thought USPS was the best choice for cross border shipping into Canada from the US, but it's hit and miss. The manual, meh I can read it but likely won't often. Overall, I wish I had of waited and stuck with download only. Live and learn.
  13. No more penalty for splitting teams during the battle ala CM1's temporary drop in morale or effectiveness, what ever you want to call it, split squad = drop from OK to shaken or worse.
  14. Next question is what is the difference between CM1 and CM2 that prevents this then?
  15. What's the differnece between CM1 and CM2 that prevents multiplayer campaigns? Here I am dreaming up campaign ideas to bring to life with the CM2 editor...CM1 looks so ugly now it's hard to go back!
  16. Recieved mine this morning, Ontario Canada. $74.00 + $16.00 USPS duty = $90.00 to my hands... Good news is I plan on playing the S&*T out of this game so I'll be getting my moneys worth.
  17. Great job, that looks very natural. Something to aspire to!
  18. That's amazing! How can we make this work for us in a mission? "As the sun set Sgt. Schultz could see the ghastly outline of a PzIV cresting the ridge"
  19. We get your point, CM2 requires some more thought, common sense and at times guess work to determine what surrounds your units and how they will interact with it. You'd like more information readily displayed to you in the UI ala CM1. I for one am enjoying the greater level of player interpretation required, it's got me thinking about the entire map in a different way. Just a moment ago I crawled a panzerschrek behind a tree to fire at a vehicle, and that tree saved his ass from return fire. In CM1 those 'woods' would have provided him with a slightly higher percentage of cover than say 'scattered trees' or 'open ground', but not as much as 'rough' would have!
  20. This describes my mortar bug too. 2x on-map mortar teams both tasked with a pre-planned bombardment fired their spotting rounds (lots of them I think because I set mission & duration set to heavy) all in the same spot, right along the map edge far away from their different targets. I found it odd that they both fired their off target rounds into the exact same spot?
  21. How in the Devil did you figure that out!? Looks amazing, I was there in 2009, quite a sight.
  22. Objectives: 1. Bring map makers & players together to share knowledge on what the Normandy countryside looked like. 2. Compile an archive of images, desriptions, web links or other simliar resources, to help us better understand the Normandy countryside and build realistic maps for CMBN. I love making CM maps, scenarios & operations (now campaigns). I've been looking forward to the CMBN editor as much as I have the game itself. So when I loaded the editor for the first time to make a small scenario and test map it dawned on me... I really don't know what the Normandy theatre looked like!? I know there were hedgerows, tree lined roads, small towns, stone walls, farmers fields etc. What I don't know is how they all come together in the real world. Why is there a hedgerow and not a fence? Where did they typically leave trees when clearing fields? How did a village mesh with the surrounding fields? These types of things need to be accurately represented for a map to look and feel like 1944 Normandy. So while I go an begin my own research which I will share here, I invite everyone to share what they know. It would be nice if every post contained some useful information. If you have a question be all means ask it, but do your best to share something at the same time. This will ensure we keep the thread on track and cram as much information in here as possible. Here's hoping others are interested in something like this, and if we manage to complile enough good stuff we could ask that our "Archive" be made a sticky. Hurrah to the CMBN editor, it's going to be a lot of fun!
  23. Well, with that great news it's official, the game is perfect.
  24. I really miss the "/" = jump camera 180 degrees. Must be something that the 3D engine prevents?
  25. I agree, but there is likely not an easy fix or I am sure they would have implemented it. Have to carefully look for an opening in the vegetation. I lost a lot of good young soldiers to this last night, poor bastards didn't have a chance!
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