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WW Andrew Fox PzIV-J Mod

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I most certainly do, Dey. They have a nice sharp and clear look about them. I like the whole Pz IV-winter mod-series you've made. They look great on the battlefield. I really hope you will do the same for the Pz V-series. Please...

I really admire your work. They are in my BMP file and they STAY there.

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Originally posted by aragorn2002:

I really hope you will do the same for the Pz V-series. Please...

I did a complete set of CMBB whitewashed Panthers, if you're interested.

Check out CMMODS, and do a search under "BG_Bogdan" designer's name.

Hope it will suit your taste redface.gif

(Edited to add that there's also a "from scratch" winterized Jagdpanther ;) )

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I did earlier do all the grey PzIII's based on mods posted by HeinzBaby, also done with that same look is MikeyD's grey StuG IIIG, StuH42- sIG33 IB Bison and BFC's grey Tiger.

Try looking in the BY DESIGNER under my handle over to cmmods DAFFY ya may find stuff that you don't have yet.

And ya sure can't go wrong with Bogdan's panthers, I've been using his later model versions for a long time now, I've been planning to do the earlier versions only, which I do have one do so far.

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Dey, found your PzIII's, You sure turned into a winter mod expert. Thanks, Bogdan, very realistic looking Panthers, but a little bit too worn compaired next to Dey's Pz IV's. No offense meant, you're both very talentend artists in your own right. And your Panthers look exactly like on the photos.

Dey, wouldn't you consider a winter Pz VG Late? Just a question. If not, thanks for what you've done so far.

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Well what I'm really waiting for, actually hoping for, is that someone well redraw the panthers artwork.

I just think of those grey PzIII's that I spent a lot of effort on, then a little while later much better quality artwork appears for them.

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