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Originally posted by MikeyD:

"The Germans used Fords!"

I'm no truck grog so fel free to slap me down, but wasn't Opel a Ford company back-in-the-day?

No... it was GM. Ford was Ford. Both were (supposedly) nationalized by the Nazis before the war, but, rumor has it, that didn't let Ford and GM stand in the way of making a nice profit out of the situation. ;)
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Originally posted by the_enigma:

From what i read ... which may not be true ... there was a Ford or a GM Factory in Germany and was never bombed once .... i smell conspircy! tongue.gif

You are correct sir. If memory serves correctly it was one of the only factories still completely intact by war's end.



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The "Ford Motor Company AG" founded for the German market went into business in Berlin in 1926, purely as an assembly plant.

In 1931 it was moved to Köln-Niehl. As of 1935 it's change into an independent German auto manufacturer was completed. The firm's name became "Ford-Werke AG" in 1939.

The most important Wehrmacht trucks were the various three-ton types (about 5000) and the halftrack "Maultier" truck (15000).

(Reinhard Frank, Trucks of the Wehrmacht)




Here come a Ford v 3000 s rare color photo:



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