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One man's obsessive micromanagement is probably just another man's due diligence. For my part (playing against the AI) I'm usually not using more than two or three waypoints, and most units don't have covered arcs.

I will definitely micromanage and obsess in critical tight situations, which is one of the funnest things about the game, trying to use your head to beat the odds. But in many cases I am, to some extent, preserving my limited mental energy and time. There are instances when I say, OK, I'm getting tired, I'll just try simple solutions...

Perhaps the guiding question in how you play should be, 'Are you enjoying the game?'

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If I have a large force, I will keep some units as a reserve. If not needed immediately at the front, they can sit it out a few turns. Of course, these guys need to move up once in a while to stay near the front. For this, I'll use the "group move." (Not sure what it is technically called -- double click the platoon leader and all squads get highlighted).

When I feel myself taking way too long for a turn, I try to limit myself to 5 minutes or so. If I don't get to give orders to every unit, it is usually not a big deal. I just don't like them to waste ammo.

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