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CVD release of CM 2

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Will the CVD release contain the printed manual or is it just the CD-Rom? Your site says it is selling in N. America (USA?), which retailers are selling it? I found CMBO at Best Buy, took a gamble and it turned out to be one of the best war games I've played. Looking forward to getting CMBB, but not found it anywhere yet.


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Originally posted by Stoffel:


Here in holland a copy of CDV's Combat Mission 2 in store costs 13 euros......

I have a German language copy available if any one wants it.

Bought some spare CD-ROMS for 5 euro's a few months ago. Those CDV CD's are much too easy damaged. The installation of the WAV bin file gets corrupted. Already have 2 that can't be used for installation. So do 3 friends have this same problem. It's wise to have an unused CD as backup in case you can't get them anymore anywhere (like PanzerGeneral II for example ;) ).
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