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  1. Very cool! Thanks Joachim Oh uh Stalin's Organist, You need to find a way to see that pic...it's not what u think it is, very funny or maybe it's disturbing...i don't know, you decide.
  2. Is this in the game? I don't see it but might not be looking in the right yr or sector.
  3. Now that's a Grog! I've never even noticed the tracks let alone know what's suppose to be on which tank. You could put sherman tracks on a tiger and I probably wouldn't have noticed.
  4. I haven't encountered this. Why can't AFVs target the ground around the AT gun and take them out with indirect HE? Or are the odds stacked to high against you in this situation? Anyway, cool!! I got something to bug the heck out of my brother the next time we play, hehe.
  5. I don't understand this statement because it seems my guns are always spotted on the first shot. I got 1 shot at the beginning of the ambush to knock out or seriously damage the AFV before every enemy on the map opens up on my hiden gun. If there are more targets than guns I usually lose and some times even when I have more guns than targets I lose simply due to suppressing fire from the AFV machineguns. Of course the inverse is not true. The AI guns are almost never id'ed until after the battle or until my infantry is sitting on top of it. But I still manage to take them out with mort
  6. You need to hit the "cease fire" button and pray they agree. Seriously, use your artillery/mortors to soften up the area. If you call a strike it should give you enough time to get your other infantry marched up to the location in question. Once your infantry is in postion and immediately after the strike attack en masse.
  7. What I like most about the CMBB strategy guide is the stats on the units. But strategy wise, it is a lot of generic info that has been thoroughly dissected on the forums.
  8. Sorry, I was referring to ACs survival ability, but also to the in-game reconnaissance in general. PFMM, yes that is a very accurate description for CM ACs. They are even piss poor against unsupported infantry. I'm still under the impression that they are much more usefull in "real life" than CM models them though. "prebattle recon has already been done" Ahh...that makes sense. Sometimes I forget the scope and timeframe of this game and on huge maps I tend to think strategically not tactically.
  9. Hmmm... Still I think the point about getting out of their vehicles holds true. </font>
  10. Are recon elements suppose to die upon fullfilling their duties, i.e. spotting enemy? In CM it seems that recon units are only good for positively id'ing the enemy and then promptly dying. At least that's what happens to me. I can sometimes keep them alive with only minimual damage if I keep them hiden after contact until the battle outcome is well determined in my favor. Even then sometimes a hidden enemy atr will take them out. I'm I not using them correctly, or is CM not a good format for using recon units. Maybe CM is too small a playing field for proper use of recon. I was ho
  11. I think his figure on the US Civil War is way too low as well.
  12. Thanks, I'll definately check it out. I think that I installed a lot of graphic mods when I installed CMBB "special ed.". If I recall it came with a disk containing all kinds of mods. Unfortuately, I never saw the game without the mods, so I don't know how much it improved it, lol. Do these mods change anything in the game dealing with actual combat or is it just a visual mod?
  13. How long has this game been out? Well I just picked it up while x-mas shopping. Saw it in a discount bin for under $6.00 Well it's just as I expected...a wonderfull addition to the series. I think the graphics look better or maybe its just the abundance of lighter shades in the game, i don't know. I really like how the dust effects create los problems. Anyway, it is refeshing being able to play the British and US again. Cheers
  14. I'm looking for reference material naming the regimental commanders at the start of OP Fall Weiss. Hopefully, there is a book out there detailing who had command of all of the german regiments through out the war. Thank you all for the help. If anyone is following here is another one I found. 20th Div. 76th Motorized Infantry Regiment – Col. Gollnik [ December 04, 2006, 11:06 AM: Message edited by: FM Paul Heinrik ]
  15. Which scale do you use to view your units. I think there is 4 settings #1 being the smallest and I'm told the realistic setting. But I find it too small and I end up loosing my units or constantly turning the bases on and off. Just wondering how everyone else plays.
  16. What is the "normal" viewing size to help LOS identification? I usually play the default setting #3 I think it is.
  17. I like to keep my AT guys close behind my platoons, and I utilize them as if it were a lmg squad except to hit armor instead of troops. Although, I do find it difficult to use the AT guys effectively, most of the time they die without dealing any damage. Regular infantry seems to kill armor at a much higher frequency than do my AT troops ('zooks, tank hunters, ect). It is just getting the armor to come close enough that is the trick.
  18. That part of the battle is, at company scale, at least, out of scope for CM. We're past recce and into actual combat. </font>
  19. 3 mins.? Is that right? I could have sworn the rare times I've used it, the sturmtiger didn't take that long to reload. I thought it was close to 1 shot per turn, making it ultimate mall parking lot creator.
  20. That's what the recon vehicles and troops are for, to spot enemy positions. Hopefully, they won't get shot up in the process but, that's why reconnassance is tough. As you know the late Germans recon units were designed to dish it out, so they could give as good as they got.
  21. Did she dump you after she found out that you wanted to play CM instead of going out with her.
  22. How do you over run a gun position? In CMBB, I can't get an afv to move head on toward a gun that can fire even a atr will stop the tank and make them reverse or look for cover. And on the chance that the afv can with stand hull or turret hits I'd be too afraid of a disabling track hit to keep forcing them forward. You can smoke the gun emplacement and then fast move to it but again I would be too afraid of other unreveiled kill zones.
  23. It looks chalky to me. I think the sign looks awesome maybe the lettering could be thicker, but looks way better than the original signs.
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