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Any volunteers? Try out minor update to McMMM....

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I have finally gotten around to fixing McMMM so that Mods you have already loaded are shown separately from new mods that you just got and want to load.

Before unleashing this on the unsuspecting, it'd be great if a few people would be willing to test it out.

Drop me an email if you can help.



[ April 28, 2004, 06:48 AM: Message edited by: GreenAsJade ]

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What happens in the "old" version: every time you open the dialog to load a new mod into McMMM, it displays to you all the mod zip files that are in your Mods directory. When you have lots of these, it can be a pain to scroll through and find the most recent one you downloaded.

What is new: the dialog to load a new mod into McMMM separates the new mod zips files from the ones you've already loaded. You can stil re-load ones you've already loaded (maybe you got a new version), it's just easier to see which is what.


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Ahh, I see. Loading the mod as opposed to installing the mod.

That was where I was confused. I was thinking that you already COULD see the difference between the mods you had loaded or not. But that I was really thinking about seeing the difference between the INSTALLED mods and uninstalled ones.


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