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Lucky Shot...

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I'm playing a PBEM game (CMBO) which is almost at an end. My opponent had a tank (Sherman +) in the center rear of the map commanding the hill and terrain in front of him. My armor has been pinned back on my left flank and after losing my best piece (Panther) I was unwilling to engage.

My men took a hill in the center and were feeling the heat from the Sherman about 200m away. I had a team of panzerfausts on either side of the hill, hidden. From where I was I could take a shot with one of them at about 210m (that's right about their max range) but my hit % was guessed at 6%. I didn't like those odds so I thought I'd sneak up another 30m or so, hide and then see if I could get a better shot from just under 200m.

Well, the pfaust crew was seen sneaking and the Sherman began firing at them. An M-10 joined them for good measure. Those crazy Germans must have gotten angry because they decided to fire back. With one long arcing shot at just over 200m they took that Sherman out. They then lobbed a few at the M-10 but missed.

Nice shooting huh?

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Originally posted by Slappy:

What are you going to do?

This is a classic 'My AT weapons couldn't take out a jeep a 10 paces, but my opponents can drop a Tiger with one shot at 250m in the fog.' situation. Happens all the time. Well, at least it happens to me all the time.

Nope, it is just the reverse. His AT teams hit. Lucky bastard.



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