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Sharpshooters in OOB?

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I have a home-grown campaign system that I mess around with. The OOB consists of numerous platoon-sized units.

My question is how to incorporate sharpshooters into an OOB in a generally realistic way for both sides througout the war.

Currently my rule is that every platoon-sized infantry unit on the defensive which is at least "regular" is assigned one sharpshooter, who is one grade better than the platoon which spawned him (ie, a regular platoon gets a veteran sharpshooter). Units on the attack get no sharpshooters, because they would probably be used in a gamey way as scouts.

Two questions:

1) Does my allocation for sharpshooters on the defensive seem about right?

2) Does it make sense to deny sharpshooters to units on the attack?


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From what I remember, one or two per company would be about right. If you go with one per platoon, then I wouldn't give them the experience boost.

Also, what's wrong with attackers getting them as scouts, especially if you don't give them the experience boost? You can also edit their ammo down so they can't act as actual sharpshooters.

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Thanks for the replies.

Sounds like one per company should be the max number for defense.

For offensive use of sharpshooters: I'm not a WWII tactics grog, but I didn't think that it was common practice to send single troopers out in front of an advance as scouts. And even if this was done, their parent formation would not get the instant benefit of their scouting activities, as in CMBB. Another way of putting it is that it seems awfully tempting--and gamey--to me to send that sharpshoter on a suicide recon mission into the heart of the defensive zone. While the same issue arises to a certain extent with using half-squads as scouts, at least this use seems more tactically sound and at least slightly less prone to being thrown away on gamey suicide recons.

Or am I being too conservative?

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Not a grog either, but I think the common practice was to send pairs out on patrol to find enemy positions. And that would have happened before the CM mission starts. This would be for cases where the front line is fairly static at start and the enemy is entrenched right in front of you.

Sharpshooter as scout has a high probability of not working. He can get killed before you get an approximate spot. Might work in a forest where there's no line-of-sight, but if there's many places where the sharpshooter can be hit from, you might not get any useful info.

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