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Originally posted by chiavarm:

Stumbled onto this site and thought it looked interesting but I don't know Russian. I guessed correctly the link for maps. Thought others might be interested who know Russian or don't mind.


The site includes, mirabile dictu, a manual on the elusive 37mm spade mortar. It confirms that, yes, they did indeed expect you to use it as a spade. The date of the manual, 1942, is later than I expected. It gives the first details I have seen for this weapon, namely range of 60m to 250m, and overall weight of 1.5Kg; unfortunately it doesn't seem to give the bomb weight anywhere. Nor are there any details of the proposed scale of issue.

Now I hope someone unearths manuals for my other favourite weird Sovet weapons, the Kartukov ampulomyot and the LMG rocket-mine...

All the best,


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What do you mean by LMG rocket- mine. An LMG firing rocket proppeled land mines?? Or is this a grognard's joke?

As for the ampulemet there seems to have been 2 versions. A mortar-like contraption & a rifle grenade launcher. In both cases it probably caused more casualties among the operators than the enemy.

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