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Buttoned tanks and LOS

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Just an idea...

Ever attempted to point somebodys view on something...you know, like 'Hey, look at that funny tank at 1000m away to the left. No not there, more to right, left of that great tree. No, not that tree, the other one...'.

Just wonder how a (non area) target command to a buttoned tank (with it's limited view) can work in reality...just wonder if it wouldn't make sense if target commands to buttoned tanks can be given only as 'covered arc' command.

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Originally posted by eichenbaum:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Scipio:

and BTW, isn't it excatly that what is done with a 'covered arc'??

No, the cover arc is meant for "Shoot only at targets between point A and B". LOS of a buttoned tank comes from every hole in the tank where the crew can see through. If one says, enemy at 3 o'clock is doesn't have to mean that this is in the area target.</font>
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Errr, I think this is completely backwards. You are talking not of spotting the enemy tank in first place, but of the TC telling the gunner what to shoot at after the TC spotted it.

There is not difference in difficulty here for buttoned or unbuttoned since the gunner is always using the same sights.

And the copula is not that bad for 360 degrees sight as long as the tank isn't moving and the object to be seen is about at normal ground level.

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Originally posted by redwolf:

I actually spellchecked and the checker liked it.

That's the problem with spell checkers. They are wonderful things, but they are no substitute for careful proofreading.

In this case, the spell checker liked 'copula' because there is an actual word in English that is spelled exactly that way. The spell checker didn't know that what you meant to write was really 'cupola' (I presume; correct me if I err).


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