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Thanks guys ! SU-85 & SU-122 are available at www.cmmods.com

Originally posted by John Kettler:


They look very nice to me. While I have your attention, what's the latest on the Polish Campaign CMBB mod, please? The subject keeps coming up, but we haven't had a progress report in quite some time.


John Kettler


I appreciate your interest for "Fall Weiss"

When I started this mod campaign, I don't thought this work was so difficult to create ; interface, tanks, vehicles & uniforms(for each side), smallarms, buildings and scenarios.

That's why I can't say when " Fall Weiss" could be ready to download !

However, I hope this mod campaign will be born a day.


Interface ready

Small arms ready

Scénarios some are ready

Uniforms ready

Buildings some are ready (not damaged)

Vehicles some are ready

Tanks some are ready (see pic below)

Panzer 35(t) a newbie in Combat mission


I work a little everyday, but sometime I spent much time on the Panzer 35(t) mod, 'cause it doesn't exist in combat mission.



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