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Which Mods?

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I'm going to re install CMBB after a fair absence.

Since I last played the game Ive had to reformat my harddrive and lost all the mods.

So now with so many out there I need some help. I need the name of Mods you can not do without. Ones which really change the game for the better. Im sure a list would help many others who find the amount of mods quite duanting.


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There have been plenty of posts about this, in fact quite recently. If you search the forum you will likely find what you're after.

A brief listing of what I think should be used above all:

-Tarkus' Dark Steel Interface


-Juju's Fire and Explosions

-Juju's small arms mod (look at CMMODS under Mudslut project its otherwise a tricky one to find)

-The various buildings, shacks, trenches, barbed wire and trees (among others by Juju)

-Hi-res skies

-Of course all winterized verhicles, but getting those on your harddisk again may take some time. I am still busy gathering them smile.gif

In any case, visit cmmods.com


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I personally like Tanks a Lot's buildings. Also MikeyD's dirty winter road is good. Other than those and a few winterized vehicles I haven't really grabbed many mods. I used to have a ton on my computer but recently I reloaded and didn't want to bother with grabbing all the mods again.

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