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Motorized units??

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I've purchased motorized infantry or recon units in the past and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to purchase transportation separately or if they just move quicker than regular infantry. Basically, what i'm trying to find out is, what makes these units 'motorized'. Please straighten this out for me.


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"Motorized" means that the unit's division is normally equipped with trucks for long-range movement. This kind of movement is beyond the scale of CM, however, so the trucks (and their cost in points) are not included.

The reasons CM *calls* some formations motorized is that motorized divisions might have a different force structure than mechanized units (which have halftracks instead of trucks) or leg infantry. You might have different kinds of squads or different supporting elements in a motorized unit even if you don't use the trucks in battle.

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so to put it into other words... adamo, when you purchase motorized infantry.. the assumption is that they're already disembarked from their trucks.. so in a quick battle for instance.. you're not under any obligation to purchase any trucks...

you know the german '41 motorized recon battalion with the heavy weapons company (pioneer platoon, 3 x 37mm AT, 2 x 75mm IG)... that is a great formation for that period...

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