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  1. I've been doing PBEM battles with a friend of mine and we're contemplating starting a campaign. I was just looking for some suggestions about how to set it up, as far as size of maps, amount of points, number of battles, etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Do the Tank Hunter teams have another 'tank-hunting' weapon besides Molotovs? That's all that's listed for their weapons. If so, why do they call them tank hunters.
  3. Just wondering how you guys use tank hunters and anti-tank rifles. I'm in a battle right now and I had a tank hunter team hidden in some trees about 80 meters from a passing light tank and the tank hunter team opened fire on it with an smg. I wanted to wait until it got close enough to molotov it (or whatever it uses on tanks). I'm assume what I should have done is set the cover arc to a short distance. But how do I know at what range would their 'anti-tank' be effective. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks adam
  4. Why is that sometime, when you're targetting an enemy unit with a mortar, you get the 'Area Fire' message and other times you get 'Enemy Infantry' message, meaning that you're able to target the unit directly? I understand that the nearest HQ must have LOS to the enemy units and the mortar must be in command of that HQ.
  5. Can a defending unit that is deployed 'in front of' barbed wire, at a later point in the game, move back through the barbed wire without getting injured or must the unit move 'around' it.
  6. In PBEM games of 2,000 - 3,000 points, what do you all suggest is the preferred map size? Medium, Large, etc? adam
  7. Forget that lost post........I am a moron! I didn't realize that there is a rules file which I just downloaded and have looked at. For now, I'm all set but I'm sure some questions will follow.....I'm a little slow on the uptake! thanks adam
  8. I'm sorry to sound like a moron, but I went to the ROQC website and I'm a little unclear how this thing works. Do I have to 'mod' my version of CMBB in order to get this thing to work? Or, do we just play battles against the AI and after a set number of battles we then, somehow, determine an overall score. Thanks for any help you can give me. This sounds like something I would be very interested in! adam
  9. Is there an easy way to select units that are embarked on vehicles? Every time I try to select one of these units I am only able to select the vehicle they are riding in. Only after several attempts can I succeed. Is there some key I can push after selecting the vehicle that will highlight the passenger of the vehicle? adam ps if it matters, I'm playing CMBB, not CMAK
  10. Aha, I set up an attack and I set it to 2,000 but I got 3,000. Now I get it! thanks folbec adam
  11. When I try to set up a quick battle, I set 'Points Allowed' to 2,000 but when I go to the 'Purchase Unit' screen it gives me 3,000 points. Just wondering if there's a way that I can fix this. I'm assuming that if it's giving me 3,000 it's also giving the AI 3,000. Right? adam
  12. Where can I find the Stalingrad pack? I went to the Scenario Depot and the Proving Grounds. adam
  13. I've played through a few of the operations that came with the special ed. of CMBB but I'm looking for some other good operations for play against the AI. I've been to the scenario depot and I've seen quite a few but I'm not sure which one to choose. I prefer playing as the Soviets. Any suggestions? thanks adam
  14. I started to deploy for the operation called 'BT-The Beginning of the End' and in the briefing it says something about crossing the river and that 'the engineers can take care of that'.......I looked at the map and there are 2 or 3 'shallow fords'. I'm wondering if the engineers are expected to build bridges ( can that be done in this game ) or some other special task. And, can infantry and or tracked vehicles just move or wade through shallow fords? adam
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