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Mod plea and Future mod release announcement...

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Well first off i would like to make a plea to modders out there to make some (more) camo versions of the soviet tanks... not because it was commonplace, but because a) it looks cool and B) i am playing a campaign game (with my own rules) against a friend and decided that my units should use as much camoed material as possible...

Tomorrow i am going on a one week trip to the mountains... when i get back i am going to release two sound mod addons... one with new armor penetration sounds and one with new vehicle/tank movement sounds...

Does that make you happy mr.noobie??? :D

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What camo scheme do you want? And which vehicles? And why did you choose the Soviets? :confused:

I just started a big project to make all the pre-1943 vehicles easily mod-able (I found a way to 'strip' the feldgrau off so they look like steel...after that it's very easy to paste a mod camo pattern on top.) I guess I'm going to have to start work on the Soviets now. grrrr. :mad:

Zimorodok ;)

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Esper, I am writing up a tutorial for the process and when I am done I will be posting it, i think to Gautrek's site and to Cmmmods.com. My plan is to do up every common German tank, scout car and halftrack up until December of 1942. So far I've got: the French and Russian tanks, PZ I, II and III, the PZ IVF & F2, PSW 222 and 223, the PzJager I, Marders and the StuH42 done. I have some Stugs, Tigers, PZ IV and halftracks to complete, hopefully by this week.

here are some images of what they look like "bleached to steel":

Some models


a Pz 38(t), for detail


On one hand you could say that they are just colored to a lighter grey with high contrast, and in someways they are, but what I have found, through the process I use, is that adding a new color scheme as an additional Paint Shop Pro overlay layer is super easy and looks good (see my Hungarian camo mods for examples of this, they were ALL feldgrau tanks and I bleached them and applied the camo. I do hope to provide these to EVERYONE so everyone can mod, at least the early vehicles. Power to the people as my friend Nathan would say.


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Originally posted by Oddball_E8:

Well zimorodok there is no hurry... im gonna be gone for a week so you should be able to do all the early 41-42 soviets by the time i get back right :D

See above... I've got the T-34 M41 and M42 done...sorta smile.gif

When I finish with the Wehrmacht I'll move on to the Red Army, I promise. I'm probably going to do something for everyone at this rate.


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Well, I'm trying to think about where to post them all. I've got the entire German Army up to Dec 1942 (except the Stummel...but that's a long story) completly bleached out. That would be:

The French Tanks

The Czech tanks

PZ I, IIC-J, IIIF-N and IVC-G (mid)

Stug III B-G (early), StuH (early)

Tiger V early

Marders, Grilles, Panzerjager and SIGs

PSW 221, 222, 223, and 231

SPW 250/1 and variants

SPW 251/1 and variants (except /9)

SdKfz 7 and Flak Guns

Truck and Kubelwagen

so...that's 46 tanks...at 3.5 megs apiece...it come out to 110Megs. Takes a long time on 56kbs.


in other news, i began in on those darn Russkies, but only got as far as the KV class:

KV-1 M39, M40, M41, E, S and KV-2


even they are some 13 megs...

...and I'm done modding for a while. I'm seeing pink KV-2s with Russian pop stars on them now....



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