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Map-Making Question

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Click on the Zone mode button in the map editor to assign setup zones. You will be given a choice of three colors for each side (red, white and blue for allied and green, yellow and black for axis). There is also a grey neutral zone marker.

As for reinforcements, these are shown as a marker on the 3D map, with either a green / red (allied) or grey (axis) base. Place the marker where you want the reinforcements to arrive.

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On a related note, is there any way to use umlauts and accents in the unit editor and map editor ?

Using funny letters in the scenario briefings is pretty easy, but I haven't figured out how to get them into the editors.

I've seen them show up in a few scenarios in the unit editor -- real live umlauts on the vowels of peoples names. I'm assuming that to do that you have to either remap your keyboard in some way, assigning accented letters arbitrarily to underused keys (probably the number keys). The only other thing I can think of is to try to reset your computer to German rather than English and reboot before you start typing. Not sure I remember how to do that, but I've run across the menu for it a few times.

It would be nice, if doing a scenario in Berlin, for example, to spell out the names of the streets correctly, and to use that funny german double s that looks like a B. It would be even more fun to do Russian streets in Cyrillic, but that's probably going overboard.

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