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Scenario Design Questions #1 and #2 for BFC or Whomever

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I have a couple of questions for the community:

1. I notice that there is point where if you put enough "steppe" tiles down when designing the map, the terrain will change to that particular steppe "hue" -- i.e., that brownish orange color that looks sort of cool. My question: at what point does it change? How many steppe tiles and/or combination of other tiles "triggers" the change to the steppe hue?

2. When designing games, I frequently like to run a few test with "no fog of war" just to see how the AI behaves on a side, or how it sets up. However, does the act of putting the setting to "no fog of war" actually change the AI's assumptions for movement and setup? In other words, is my testing scheme faulty?

Also, one comment: I've been reading the "criticism" of the CM games contained in the PBEM thread, and, for what its worth, let me add my voice to the vast majority of CM players who appreciate everything BFC has done.


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2) I was doing some artillery tests in CMBO with FOW turned off so I could get accurate kill data and couldn't figure out why the enemy tanks I was targeting were instantly blasting away at my FO's lodged in churches at what seemed like a safe distance. It took me an amazingly long time to realize that with FOW turned off, the tanks could see my spotters just as easily as I could see the tanks.

My point is that the lack of FOW necessarily changes AI behavior. If it can see all of the opposing troops, it is bound to act differently.

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