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MODs Finn/Rom T-26S, clean

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Just uploaded the second T-26 Mod, Finnish T-26S. This is also the Finnish OT-130. Used the blue Swastikas because I'd seen them before & it was a change. No modifications are modeled on this Unit in the Game so I didn't draw any. The Camo seemed to wash out the details so I sharpened up the contrast a bit except at the Running Gear, where I actually rolled off the top end a little.Feedback desired as per 1st Mod below. Files included to view Finn alone, or compare Finn & Romanian.


Romanian T-26S from scratch. Tried to make it fit in with the excellent Axis Minor/ light Soviet Armor graphics that come with BB. Dirty/Winter/No Markings/etc. versions are in the works.


They're at Yes, that place

I plan to do the entire T-26 line & this Mod is the base I will work from, so this is a sort of Public Beta. Different systems may show up a problem that I didn't see on mine, & I welcome 'artsy' feedback, especially from other Modders. If something seems out of whack please let me know. I would also welcome feedback regarding configurations, colors, markings, etc. My sources are incomplete & sometimes even contradictory. Post to thread or e-mail mchlstrt@hotmail.com.

The folder 'Rom T-26 viewing' contains a BB turn that will let you easily look at this vehicle. Put it in the 'Saved Games' folder on your HD & it will show up as '00 Rom T-26S 01'. Otherwise it can be deleted.


strt Finn_T-26S.jpg

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