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Firing SU assault guns

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I have set up a scenario with a German infantry company in a defensive position with trenches wire and mines. I have been firing various SUs against it . When hot seating I noticed that the SU-76M really had little effect and did not pin the trenches. So I upgraded to SU-122s. I fired two at an MG position at 600m for two moves (ie 8 shells) and had not come close to hitting it.

What ranges should I be using my SUs at to pin these trenches or to injure the occupants?


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As long as you stay below 1000m I don't think the range is all that important. You just need to give them more time. Two turns is not that long. Eventually a considerable proportion of the shells will start landing in the trench and the occupants will quickly suffer.

The SU-76 should be perfectly adequate, once homed in it is more likely to stay on target and is perfectly capable of breaking an infantry unit.

With the 122 one good hit might be enough, but it might take longer to get it.

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If the ground is perfectly flat, CM HE guns never really get the distance, not to mention miss badly at first. Using a SU-122 for this is a total waste of ammunition.

You should pin with MGs and if you can't get infanry in destroy the defenders' vital weapons with mortars.

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Direct HE is effective against trenches if they gun can hit it given the slope of the ground. Typically only 1 shell in 3 is the right range, though. It takes a direct hit within the trench icon - hits outside will rarely yield more than "alerted". 1-2 hits inside the icon will typically pin (76mm) or break (larger), with 1-2 men down. Range definitely matters for getting direct hits. Under 400m is best. As for an area barrage at longer range, that will work fine against men with only foxhole cover or in buildings, but not for trenches.

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