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MikeyD Fixes those pesky Captured Panther DECALS!

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At our favorite site of course:


After much helpful comment on my Captured Panther markings I've whipped-up a nice patch correction to the art.

The patch has been uploaded to CMMODS as a separate element, and I've also included the patch in my Captured Panther folder for those of you who haven't downloaded the mod yet .

See the screenshot for the details.


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I thought it was a great Mod already, but this Patch makes it even better!

Thank you Mikey!




I have modified three of your Mods (PzIIIG, PzIIIH, PzIVE) - nothing big, I just removed your divisional insignia and added a 16th Panzerdivision divisional insignia.

I'm going to post pictures of them in the

The Panzer Count's Ostfront: A CMBB combat history of Graf Strachwitz - thread later this evening.

Would be nice if you could write a comment. :)

I also fumbled around for some hours with modifying a grey PzIIc to look "MikeyD-ish" - but the results are very disappointing...

Greetings, Hetzer38.

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Oh this polish markings WP and POLSKA are beautiful !!!

BUT - szachownica emblem was only painted on aircraft !!! during 1960-80 was also painted on AFVs (but with diffrent shape) - but during 2WW newer was painted on tanks

MikeyD any another WIP ?

[ January 19, 2007, 11:05 AM: Message edited by: Marcin T ]

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