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*some terrain mods have been added....*

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Originally posted by Philippe:

Nice work.

And it has inspired me to see what else can be deconstructed from ToW.

What exactly do you use to extract bmp's from the graphic files? Is this something that can be done in Irfanview?

Philippe, I tried without succes to open sfs.files, and I don't know if you can use Irfanview program to do that but I don't think so!

I used only GrabClipSave to take some screenshots from each side, front, back and top view for some vehicles or buildings (most vehicles mods in CM are better,that's what I can see in the Demo,though), then I resized each bmp, recolored or redrew, easy! smile.gif

I realize not all conversions are possible, example I tried with railroad tracks but I got troubles with curves. 659aa5.th.png

I did some new roofs they looks great in game, I'll uploaded 'em soon (this week-end I suppose)

About vehicles, Opel blitz camo is interresting and look good in game too but a little rework is necessary. I did a Wespe not finished yet. gcs0011mp4.th.jpg



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