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OK here's some documentaries I have or have seen that I would recommend.

Definately grab World at War, the DVD is about seventy bucks on Amazon or ebay. There's IIRC at least four tapes covering the eastern Front.

From International Historic Films ypu can get the follwoing that I've seen.

"Battle of Stalingrad" (Russian Film on the battle)

"Battle of kharkov: 1942" German wartime documentary on the battle, good footage.

"Men Against tanks:" How infantry destroys tanks. Includes an attack (training attack) with about 20 T34s which are all destroyed using live fire with various infantry tank killer methods.

"Die Frontshau" (also known as Gebrisjager in Action) 3 German infantry officer training films each depicting live action on eth Russian front and how to do stuff like attack a village, defend against attack in extreme cold weather, etc. Highly recommended.

"Through Enemy Eyes:" There's porbably 50 1xhour episodes of german newsreel reports of the war, you can find lots of good footage of the Russian war through their perspective.

"Russians at War" Russian COmbat footage from 1942 winter campaign

Available from RZM and other sites

"Achtung Panzers:" Film on Germn tanks including a segment of good footage on Khursk and a very well porduced 30 min training film on the use of Reserves in Regimental Defense, which depicts a russioan battle. great stuff great footage.

"The Russian Front:1941-1945" A pretty good four tape documentary about the Russian front. Good overview. A solid 3.5 hours

"Hunter of the Sky" This is like a 20 tapes series (30 mins each) about fighter combat. There's 4 or 5 that are russian Front Specific.

ANyway that oughta hold you over for a few days providing you have sufficient popcorn.


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