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WaW long turn

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What kind of hardware do you have, how much memory, and what operating system are you using?

If you were trying to play SC 2 WaW on a 400 Mb hard drive with 250 kb ram running on Vista...

You may have some kind of conflict, and you need to describe the background a bit more thoroughly so when one of the more technically-minded show up they won't have to guess what the problem is.

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it happens on any turn. the most turns i have ever got was 3 before it freezes up on thinking.

last night i got to turn 3 before it froze up. what i did notice was that if i didn't put any units in a city it would work fine. as soon as i put a unit in a city it froze up. i will send you the game file asap.

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I tend to have had this problem when I have residue of other programs running. As Mr Cater said in another post, messing with your drivers can create problems.

I found formatting and reinstalling my OS was the only sure fire way to fix latency problems when I've messed with my system, as the errors tend not to go away.

I wont give any links or names but there are some very good reg\system cleaners around that may repair any damage or errors.


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