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WaW crash --> error message

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WaW crashes on me with error message:

FAILED(animate_destroyer_unit_combat): Segmentation violation

I'm playing as germans against AI. Error occurs on allied move.

Tech info:

running downloaded SC2+WaW package

Graphics card: ATI 1950pro, newest driver (7.10)

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exactly same problem for me, it repeat every time i go to the computer opponent turn, hope may be fixed or to have some solution early, WaW although is an awesome expansion, nearly a new complete game given the freedom to the player with all the options, maybe will try some game without computer opponent meanwhile this is solved, thanks in advance for any and all advice,

best regards, and thanks for this

good-outstanding game

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well, do some research and playing test, not sure for almost sure that are the destroyer units that it caused the error, i are working on a "fixed" own mod at base taken the good-outstanding "adv Third Reich" mod by [pzgren.], the case is that i do test with destroyer units at first and have the given error on first turn, sure some destroyer unit attacking axis sub on the north atlantic, but until it is fixed i must advice that the solution "temporal" is to disable all destroyer units and make a "temporal" variant without destroyer units, of course "hard build limits" are a must to prevent the AI opponent to build soft destroyers, now on the initial test the scenario do not give the error and maybe nearly sure i can play the scenario, make this post for scenario makers advice about the bug or issue, can share my own "adv. Third Reich" mod but not before [pzgren.] granted allowing to it as is his hard work to have been make this mod available,

best regards,


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